The Gifted Child Society is a
non-profit organization that was
founded in 1957 by parents of
New Jersey to further the cause
of gifted children.
  • Welcome to TGCS 2015!
    Another new year and welcome to the exciting, new things happening at TGCS in 2015!
  • Mark your calendars!
    Saturday Workshop Fall 2015 will begin on October 3rd. Registration for our fall session will open the first week in September. Be sure to check our website for the announcement of our new fall program!
  • Summer Super Stars Camp STEAM 2015 was a great success!
    Our Summer Super Stars Camp STEAM 2015 program concluded on August 7th, with our annual end-of-summer picnic at Krucker's Picnic Grove in Pomona, New York. Camp STEAM was chock-full with learning, field trips, swimming at the lake, and FUN! We had a wonderful time being back at Northern Highlands Regional High School and our campers were inspired by our extraordinary instructors and exceptional curricula. Between the engaging classes and recreational activities at the lake, our campers learned a great deal in a very short amount of time. To all our Members: be sure to mark your calendars and join us next year for Summer Super Stars Camp in 2016!
  • Special Introductory Classes For Three Year Olds
    Do you have a bright three year old? Do you know someone who does? TGCS offers special, one-time introductory classes for bright three year olds who would like to experience the unique and specialized instruction offered by TGCS to advanced learners. Classes are offered as part of The Saturday Workshop program and are limited to one class choice per child. Child(ren) must be three years old prior to the start of the Saturday Workshop session. Membership is not required until they are four years old.
  • Attention, Potential New Members
    To determine eligibility to The Gifted Child Society, TGCS offers an onsite intelligence testing option, for a fee. Please contact the TGCS office at (201) 444-6530 to schedule an appointment.
  • TGCS Facilities
    The TGCS office is located at 190 Rock Road in Glen Rock, NJ. TGCS Management and intelligence testing is located at the Glen Rock office. TGCS specialty programming is run out of Northern Highlands Regional High School (NHRHS) in Allendale, New Jersey, including The Saturday Workshop and Summer Super Stars camp. 2015 marks the beginning of an entirely new era for TGCS as we have many extraordinary things planned for this year and beyond, and we look forward to seeing all our gifted learners this year!
  • TGCS is Looking for Unique, Dedicated Instructors
    TGCS is actively looking for dynamic and dedicated instructors with a passion for a variety of subject matter. If you are a teacher or a professional with an interest in sharing your wealth of knowledge with our exceptional gifted learners in pre-K through grade 8, you may be a potential candidate for a TGCS Instructor position with our Saturday Workshop or Summer Super Stars Camp programs. Please forward your resume to for consideration.
  • Jim Delisle - Parenting Precocious Kids
Exploring The World at TGCS
One of our Saturday Workshop students was so inspired by his Passports to the World course he created a trifold board of all the countries of the world, with their flags, capitals, and currency. He did this on his own time at home and brought it in to share with his instructor and classmates. We are so proud of him! He is five years old.
TGCS Student Wins National Competition
8 Year old, TGCS member student, Mark Leschinsky, has won the National Museum of Education sponsored competition for “Student Ideas For A Better America” with his invention of a “Self-Disinfecting Hazmat Suit” for healthcare workers that treat Ebola patients. We hope he inspires other children to attain their dreams also! Way to go Mark, congratulations!                      FULL STORY
Andy Lukac Honored for 57 Years of Service
Andy Lukac with D'Arcy Natale and Bobbi Zientek      FULL STORY
About Us
The Gifted Child Society is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1957 by parents of New Jersey to further the cause of gifted children. To achieve its mission, The Gifted Child Society is committed to providing the following:
  • Superior programming and experiential opportunities for gifted children, to equip them with the means necessary to enjoy a full and productive life.
  • Extraordinary support services and resources for families of gifted children, for all developmental stages.
  • Cutting-edge professional training opportunities and support for educators and administrators, to ensure early identification and the best possible learning environments and opportunities within school districts, to meet the needs of these unique children.
  • Conspicuous and dedicated advocacy of gifted children throughout local, state and federal venues to ensure public recognition, acceptance and timely responsiveness to their unique needs.
Since 1957, the Society has served over 60,000 children and their families. In 1975, the U.S. Department of Education named it a national demonstration model.
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